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Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays

Bank holiday big weekends.

You might be surprised to learn that Bank Holiday's were not originally created for ready made cocktails, BBQs, beer or DIY...

They were originally introduced in 1871 when the Bank Holiday Act started...

However how we came about them is irrelevant as ultimately if you don't have to work on a bank holiday, then they should be having lots of fun and that's all that's important!

So get the sun cream ready, clean the BBQ and get the ready made cocktails ordered (from us at Poison Cocktails!) as this coming weekend it's time to relax and have a party.

Happy Bank Holiday!

Ladies Day at the Races

Ladies Day at the Races
It's coming up to the social highlight of the horse racing calendar at Nottingham Racecourse... Ladies Day, introduced at Ascot in 1807 for the Gold Cup race. A time when men wore top hat and tails to the races.

Saturday 13th May 17 at Nottingham Race course sees the magic of ladies day giving women the chance to dress up beautifully and enjoy a race day tailored for them with exciting entertainment, live music and prizes on offer for 'Best Dressed Lady'.

And of course we're going to be there serving our premium ready made cocktails from the Poison Cocktails vintage Rice horse box bar.

So bring on the festivities for this special day... dress up and enjoy the entertainment. And have a Poison Cocktail while you join in the fun.

Woo Woo Cocktails

Woo Woo Cocktails
The Woo Woo Cocktail is total fun in a jar, yummy and great to enjoy with friends, gives you an instant 80s disco feel... you just want another while tuning in to some of your favorite tracks from A-ha to Madonna.

Made using premium vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and a touch of lime. Our Poison Cocktails Woo Woo comes ready made for you. Just add lots of ice and give our cocktail jar a quick shake while dancing and there you have it the perfect ready made Woo Woo cocktail. 

Now all you need is some Lycra and your neon socks, time for that 80s party!


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