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Why Our Cocktail Cases Will Change Your Life

Why Our Cocktail Cases Will Change Your Life

If you’re here, then one thing we can be pretty sure of is that you’re a fan of cocktails. And you’re in great company! We wanted to make cocktail drinking quick, fun and easy without losing the wonderful taste of a well-made cocktail. However, there is one thing better than a Poison Cocktail…


Multiple Poison Cocktails.


Now we think that’s explanation enough, but if you don’t believe us then check out exactly why our cocktail cases are so great below

Hire our Vintage Horse Box

Hire our Vintage Horse Box

Hire our Vintage Horse Box Cocktail Bar for your next event. It's been very popular at parties, weddings, festivals and corporate events.

And if you can't fit it in, we can supply smaller pop up bar systems.

Well can bring the cocktails and more if you want... Whether you need a small cocktail bar or one of our slightly bigger statement cocktail coloured horse boxes. All are available as part of a variety of drinks packages.

Our team can bring a fun and fresh approach to serving our ready made cocktails at any event, whatever the venue, budget or style.

For more information please contact - karen@poisoncocktails.com

The Jacksons at the horse racing!

The Jacksons at the horse racing!

The Jacksons, originally The Jackson 5, live at Newmarket Racecourses as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations tour. To celebrate their fifty years and 200 million plus records sold.

The iconic Motown legends will perform some of their biggest hits including A-B-C, Can You Feel It, I’ll Be There and Blame it On the Boogie...

And to compliment the day of race action and musical fun Poison Cocktails bright blue vintage Rice horse box trailer will be serving premium ready made cocktails in jars.

So have little flutter along with a Poison Cocktail to calm the nerves.

Then as the sun goes down and The Jacksons start their magic it, it's time for a Poison Cocktails WooWoo and a boogie with friends and family.

Summer fun at the races.



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