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What's your Poison?

We love cocktails! That's our Poison... we're independent cocktail shakers!

The Poison Cocktail story started back in 2010 on a very busy night in our cocktail bar, where we watched customers getting frustrated at how busy the bar was, how slow it was to get a cocktail and how much our team of mixologists loved showing off instead of speeding up and keeping everyone happy!

We joked to each other that wouldn't it be good if all they needed to do was to shake the drinks… That was it, our light bulb moment! We wanted to make cocktail drinking quick, fun and easy without losing the wonderful taste of a well made cocktail.

So we started experimenting and many tipsy nights followed as we made amazing cocktails and wowed friends and family but they just were not right. They looked great and tasted amazing, but they just did not keep for longer than a day.

We tried everything sterilised everything and anything, put the cocktail jars through various tests, even tried to pasteurise them… Nothing made them last, so we realised that we needed to turn to science and found an amazing and helpful factory and a taste magician, who together would turn our dream into reality.

We wanted to create a drink that tasted like a true cocktail, used premium spirits but that would last for months not hours! And be available in a jar not a bottle. So all the drinker needed to do was add ice and shake!
We did it eventually and in 2012, we opened temporary pop-up bars to test out our cocktail creations and see how they worked in a busy environment… 'Cocktails & Cans' was born proved a great success! So in December 2012  we officially launched 'Poison Cocktails', the original and best tasting cocktails in jars!

Since then we have added more flavours to our collection and ensure that all Poison cocktails are made with Premium spirit and lots of love!!!

All you have to do is take the lid off, fill to the brim with ice, replace lid and shake for 5 seconds, add straw, drink and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Team Poison