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Definition of 'what's your poison?'



Used to ask someone what they would like to drink.

We love cocktails! That's our Poison... Any and all cocktails to be honest!
The Poison Cocktail story started back in 2010 on a very busy night in our cocktail bar, where we watched customers getting frustrated at how busy the bar was, how slow it was to get a cocktail and how much our team of mixologists loved showing off instead of speeding up and keeping everyone happy!

That was it, our light bulb moment! We wanted to make cocktail drinking quick, fun and easy without losing the wonderful taste of a well made cocktail. To take away all the fuss but still have some showmanship around drinking.
So we started experimenting and many tipsy nights followed as we made amazing cocktails and wowed friends and family by creating the first ever drink in a jam jar.

In December 2012  we officially launched 'Poison Cocktails', the original and best tasting cocktails in jars! The collection grew with demmand and we added more flavours and experimented with other ways of serving great cocktails super fast...

Over time we have evolved and can be found at many events across the UK serving up our cocktail treats with lots of love!!! We now sell our amazing liquid in party bag-in-boxes for you to serve at home, at corporate events and parties... All that you have to do is pour over ice, add a straw, drink and enjoy!

We have also taken our years of cocktail expertise and put together our favourite recipes under 'Cocktail Lab' and have created simple cocktail kits with everything you need to complete the perfect cocktail, presented in our signature beautifully hand-finished gift boxes.

Our aim is stay one step ahead in the cocktail and alcohol gifting world.

We make for cocktail lovers... Not cocktail know all geeks!. 
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
Team Poison