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Give the Gift of Poison

Give the Gift of Poison

Gift-giving is great. A stress-free way to show someone that you care about them. Or it would be, if it wasn’t for those people. You know the ones – a family member or friend that are impossible to buy gifts for. “I don’t really need anything” or “I’ll like anything you get me!” can frequently be heard from these infuriating types. We all know that this is not the case.


If this person is a child or otherwise unable to consume alcohol, then we cannot help you. But for everyone else, there’s Poison…

Why Our Cocktail Cases Will Change Your Life

Why Our Cocktail Cases Will Change Your Life

If you’re here, then one thing we can be pretty sure of is that you’re a fan of cocktails. And you’re in great company! We wanted to make cocktail drinking quick, fun and easy without losing the wonderful taste of a well-made cocktail. However, there is one thing better than a Poison Cocktail…


Multiple Poison Cocktails.


Now we think that’s explanation enough, but if you don’t believe us then check out exactly why our cocktail cases are so great below

Flavour of the Caribbean

Artlantic Cocktail

Flavour of Caribbean

So I raced home after my meeting  and thought, let me try the Artlantic Cocktail Karl from Poison Cocktails had been raving on about.

The sheer simplicity of the whole process made me stop and think why I was only finding out about Poison Cocktails and their product...Add ice, Shake, Straw and Enjoy. It's a brilliant idea, genius if you ask me. Follow my three step process and you will keep going back for more, Purchase - Add Ice - Enjoy.

I know what you thinking " It cant be that simple, could it?" A resounding yes it is, I repeat, yes it is that simple.

Ok, enough on my three step process, lets dive into the Cocktail itself. If you are looking for a Caribbean feel cocktail, look no further than The Poison Cocktail-Artlantic. Think coconut trees, sand, blue skies and clear sea water.....just by writing this my imagination has gone into overdrive. Now imagine that with an ice cold premium cocktail, laced with lime and love. The Amaretto mixing in with a dash of citrus and apples......when is the next flight to the Caribbean please.

This is definitely going to be the talk of summer to anyone I meet or whoever is listening. Poison Cocktails will be a regular feature at chilled out BBQ's, Dinner Parties and Celebratory events and even showing off to my guests.

Roll on Summer.