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Why Our Cocktail Cases Will Change Your Life

Why Our Cocktail Cases Will Change Your Life

If you’re here, then one thing we can be pretty sure of is that you’re a fan of cocktails. And you’re in great company! We wanted to make cocktail drinking quick, fun and easy without losing the wonderful taste of a well-made cocktail. However, there is one thing better than a Poison Cocktail…

Multiple Poison Cocktails.

Now we think that’s explanation enough, but if you don’t believe us then check out exactly why our cocktail cases are so great below:



‘Tis the season for parties and BBQs. And a cocktail is the perfect way to kick one off (or keep them going). The only problem? Cocktails are an expensive business. Multiple bottles of spirits and mixers aren’t cheap. If you wanted to make every single one of our cocktails yourself, for example, you would need:

9 different kinds of spirits

5 different kinds of mixers


Whereas with one of our cocktail cases you would need:

Enough hands to carry the cocktails


Can’t argue with maths like that.



Speaking of parties and cocktails, we’ve got an axe to grind. There’s always one who sees it as an opportunity to dust off their Tom Cruise impression, rather than just making a great tasting drink. Too much ice, not enough vodka, the entirety of a mint plant shoved in a glass…

There’s a lot of ways a cocktail can go wrong. Which is where Poison comes in. Here are our steps to the perfect cocktail:

  • Take off the lid
  • Fill the jar to the brim with ice
  • Shake for a matter of seconds
  • Add straw
  • Enjoy


That’s it! So easy that a child could do it (don’t let a child do it).



Choosing the right cocktail can be a stressful business.

Picture it, you get to the bar, reach for the cocktail menu… “that sounds good”, you say to yourself. “So does that…” you say next and then before you know it you’ve been standing there for five minutes, a queue has formed behind you and the bartender’s gone on a break.

But with a case of delicious cocktails, you never have to make such an anxiety-ridden decision again. Start with our six pack and each of our cocktail flavours is included. Don’t want to fight over flavours? We also do twelve and twenty-four cocktail cases.


Looking to try the original and best-tasting cocktails in jars? Want your party or event to stand out? Our ready-made cocktail jars are perfect for any event, and our cocktail cases prove that you can’t have too much of a good thing.