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Take a peek at our new look Cocktail website!

Take a peek at our new look Cocktail website!

Poison Cocktails has a new look cocktail website. With some amazing new products like a three litre cocktail party box. And in the gift section Poison Cocktails have some new Cocktail Lab gift boxes.

So why not grab yourself all that you need to get a party in full swing with an amazing tasting cocktail box full of tasty and strong Poison Cocktails liquid...

Or if you are already on the hunt for fab Christmas presents check out the new look beautiful cocktail gift boxes of classic cocktail kits which are classy and fun!

Blue Pina Colada Bag In Box Cocktail

Poison Cocktails Pina Colada

Thinking of holidays, then this Poison Cocktails Pina Colada is a holiday in a cocktail bag in box! This ready made Blue Pina Colada cocktail comes in a Five Litre Bag In Box is delicious.

The Poison Cocktails 5 Litre Blue Pina Colada Bag in Box Serves 28 ready made cocktails (175ml Glass Sizes)

Blue Pina Colada - The holiday cocktail king! Bright blue in colour for an extra caribbean twist... A taste of Blue Curacao, White Rum, Coconut and Pineapple

Something new... Bag in box cocktails

Bag in box cocktails

Poison Cocktails amazing tasting Ready Made Cocktails are now available in Bag in Boxes.

Giving you the a quick and easy way to serve and enjoy our delicious cocktails. Perfect for any cocktail drinking events...
Parties, holidays, festivals, days on the beach or just days in the garden with friends...