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Blue Pina Colada Bag In Box Cocktail

Poison Cocktails Pina Colada

Thinking of holidays, then this Poison Cocktails Pina Colada is a holiday in a cocktail bag in box! This ready made Blue Pina Colada cocktail comes in a Five Litre Bag In Box is delicious.

The Poison Cocktails 5 Litre Blue Pina Colada Bag in Box Serves 28 ready made cocktails (175ml Glass Sizes)

Blue Pina Colada - The holiday cocktail king! Bright blue in colour for an extra caribbean twist... A taste of Blue Curacao, White Rum, Coconut and Pineapple

Something new... Bag in box cocktails

Bag in box cocktails

Poison Cocktails amazing tasting Ready Made Cocktails are now available in Bag in Boxes.

Giving you the a quick and easy way to serve and enjoy our delicious cocktails. Perfect for any cocktail drinking events...
Parties, holidays, festivals, days on the beach or just days in the garden with friends... 

Poison Cocktails, our amazing tasting cocktails now available in bottles

Poison Cocktails, our amazing tasting cocktails now available in bottles
Poison Cocktails love cocktails and we have alway put our amazing tasting ready made cocktails in jars. In fact we were the first company to product pre-mixed cocktails in a jars. Many copycat products have since been produced, some from massive companies in the drinks industry. But that doesn't stop us loving a good ready mixed cocktails.
And while we love our cocktail jars and think they are a nice simple way to make a quick and easy cocktail. Simply adding ice to the jar and shaking. If you are like us and always fancy another! There just isn't enough in one cocktail jar! So we have decided to launch a collection of ready mixed cocktails in bottles. Which are available in single bottle units or in cocktail gift boxes for someone special. Just give the bottle a shake and pour over ice.
We hope you like them as much as we do!