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Blue Pina Colada Bag In Box Cocktail

Poison Cocktails Pina Colada

Thinking of holidays, then this Poison Cocktails Pina Colada is a holiday in a cocktail bag in box! This ready made Blue Pina Colada cocktail comes in a Five Litre Bag In Box is delicious.

The Poison Cocktails 5 Litre Blue Pina Colada Bag in Box Serves 28 ready made cocktails (175ml Glass Sizes)

Blue Pina Colada - The holiday cocktail king! Bright blue in colour for an extra caribbean twist... A taste of Blue Curacao, White Rum, Coconut and Pineapple

Strawberry Daiquiri Bag In Box Cocktail

Strawberry Daiquiri bag in box cocktail

Poison Cocktails newest product Bag In Box ready mixed cocktails come in the amazing Strawberry Daiquiri flavour. Available in Bag In Box sizes five litres which serves 28 Cocktails (175ml Glass Sizes) and ten litres which serves 57 Cocktails (175ml Glass Sizes).

The fun ready made Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail tastes amazing and once you try you'll be hooked. 

The Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail is one of the finest modern cocktails, a perfect drink to remind you of summer days with the refreshing blend of White Rum, sweetness of strawberries, sugars and sour of lime

Available from Poison Cocktails

We don't just do gift boxes we do event bars

We don't just do gift boxes we do event bars

We don't just do beautiful cocktail gift boxes and drinks for you to drink at home!

We also do cocktail bars at events and functions of all different sizes and variations, from weddings, concerts, music festivals, to corporate functions and launches!!...

Whatever the event we can provide pop up cocktail bars, standalone cocktail bars or vintage horse box cocktail bars.

If you want more information on how we can enhance your event then
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