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Summertime fun

Summertime fun
What a week!...

It's hard to get into it after a weekend of Glastonbury fun... Some of us still haven't unpacked or done the washing!

However it's not all over, it is just the beginning of Summertime fun. So let's get excited and planning for the next event... If you are off to a wedding then we have the perfect luxury cocktail gift box presents, if you are having a party or BBQ then we sell cases of amazing tasting ready made cocktails to get them swinging, if you are off to a picnic or festival we also do everything in plastic cocktail jars to keep the fields happy...
So to help your get over the festival blues, treat yourself to some of our ready mixed cocktail cases.
And have a fun weekend...

June Bug Cocktail

June Bug Cocktail
The totally tropical premium cocktail that makes you feel like your on holiday... you can't beat the coconut rum mixed with melon and banana liqueurs, finished with refreshing pineapple juice and a squeeze of lemon. 
You can sit back, relax and pretend to be sitting on any Caribbean island enjoying this great cocktail which is almost too easy to drink!... You will be ready for the next. 
With the Poison Cocktail June Bug just add ice to the jar rim, replace the lid and give it a shake for about 5 seconds for the perfect served Poison Cocktail. Then add a straw sit back and enjoy paradise in a jar!


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