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Recycling and Upcycling

Recycling and Upcycling

After a crazy Summer, reality has hit and we are facing cooler, wetter weather, shorter evenings and generally a bit more staying in for a while until the autumn party season starts.

So we have a challenge for you to occupy your staying in time by recycling and upcycling your old cocktail jars, make use of them, let them be helpful!
Store things in them, make things with them, grow things in them...
The possibilities are endless and we would love you to share your creative prowess with us and fellow Poison Cocktail lovers. 

Post a pic and use #poisoncrafts we will then share your ideas far and wide, plus send you a 15% off discount code for your next cocktail order!

So let's get recycling those ready made cocktail jars!

Wow, it's been a long fun Summer!

woo woo poison cocktail
Wow, it's been a long fun cocktail Summer! But finally the kids are back at school Yay!! So it is time to steal back some me time... Catch up with friends, unwind at the gym, watch a movie or better still grab a cocktail!

However for those of us where it means back to the grindstone, you can tell that the kids are back at school... Rush hour traffic in one week has gone from a relatively smooth trip to work to a crazy rush of cars, kids, parents and plenty of stress. So roll on Friday night and chill time...
We are here to help you all let your hair down so rather than reaching for a cup of tea to relax with, get yourself a delivery of our ready made cocktails and let the fun begin!

It's holiday time... at last!!!

It's holiday time... at last!!!

It's holiday time... at last!!!

A time for relaxing, sunbathing, fun and
most importantly Cocktails.

So to get that holiday party moving we have mixed cases of our
ready made cocktails available now.

Started we are offering 15% OFF orders on cases of 24 cocktails,
for the next two days only.

Use this code - Holiday15%
(Valid until 27/7/18)
If you're attending the following events we will be there with our Vintage horse box cocktail bar... come and join us for a cocktail or two.

Bedford Music Festival

Newmarket nights -
Nile Rodgers & Chic
George Ezra