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poison cocktails horse box bar

Cocktails for events

Since creating the perfect ready made cocktail product... the Poison team still felt there was something missing and that was the buzz of a busy bar! We missed dealing with customers directly so last year we looked for something cool to compliment our product and sell our cocktails from. We found a vintage 1960s british made Rice horse trailer and brought it from a keen horse rider in Birmingham.

After months of blood, sweat and plenty of tears we restored our vintage horse box into a shiny bright blue Poison Cocktails bar.

We travelled all over the country last summer with our Jack Frost coloured vintage horse box serving our premium ready made cocktails in jars at festival and concerts.

The reaction was phenomenal to our quirky jars full of amazing tasting premium cocktails.... Served from our very happy Poison bar...

So look out for us this summer as we are hoping to see you at some fun events!