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We went to Nightmare and Nibbles Coventry

We went to Nightmare and Nibbles Coventry

We went to Nightmares and Nibbles in Coventry’s old Grammar school for a ghoulish night of Halloween fun! The amazing night started with the large wooden doors of this medieval school opening at 6.30pm and we were welcomed into this eerie dark building by fairly normal looking women in lab coats. We were all lead into a small, dimly lit, sinister room that had various vintage medical apparatus… and a bar offering an array of ready made cocktails from Poison Cocktails. 

We had just enough time to enjoy a Poison Cocktails Woo Woo, before being checked in by one of Dr Frankenstein’s dysfunctional medical assistants! Then we were welcomed by Dr Frankenstein and asked to join her in a large spooky laboratory for a lesson in her dark findings about the human body and to discover the tastiest parts! Then various other medical staff served us up a darkly humorous buffet of bodily parts… washed down with what looked like blood but was thankfully red wine served in medical flasks. A sneaky tequila also helped to steady our nerves. 

We had the chance to share this experience with Bonnie and Clyde who sat on our table enjoying the cocktails and the cuisine.

As the main event came to a close there was an opportunity to return to the small dark lab for a Poison Cocktail or two… Then we were guided out by Dr Frankenstein’s medical assistants and the large wooden doors firmly closed behind us! The remaining lights in the building flickered and went off… until next Halloween!


So if you want a unique halloween experience… Give Nightmare and Nibbles a go!