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Glastonbury Festival weekend!

Glastonbury Festival weekend!

The biggest festival of the UK... Glastonbury Festival is on this weekend!
It started in the 70s and has continued growing into the emperor of all festivals!

If you are lucky enough to have a ticket... then you're probably pretty excited now as it's going to be a weekend of total fun!

However we all can't go to the party, some of us have to work, others couldn't get tickets, lots have children to look after and then there are others who just can't bare those toilets! 

So fear not have your own Glastonbury celebration, watch it on BBC 2. (It's a better view). Listen to it on the radio in the garden... Have some friends round and make it a Glastonbury themed BBQ...

So to get the summer festival party going and set up a camp, add some fairy lights, candles, dress the part with some wellies, shades and denim shorts.

Ramp the radio up with BBC Glastonbury coverage. And don't forget our amazing tasting ready made cocktails... Get the ice and shake those Poison Cocktails up!

It's a weekend to have lots of fun!