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Looking to stock Poison Cocktails in your venue....

We have also been delivering our cocktails directly to the UK’s best pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, nightclubs, shops and caterers since 2012. 

We know your customers will love our ready made cocktails and so will you because -

  • They look cool, tastes amazing and have cult following
  • Quick and easy to serve – Just add ice and shake
  • Increases service speed, while adding quick drama to the serve
  • Reduces waste normally created through cocktail making, no more expensive broken spirit bottles and spillages
  • Saves on space and looks cool
  • Saves on cocktail training
  • Offers a premium cocktail product without the hassle of making
  • Delivers on the traditional RTD functional needs, but is on trend
  • Available in 3, 5, 10 Litre Cocktail Bag in boxes

If you can’t find a stockist nearby or want to deal with us directly please contact hiya@poisoncocktails.com

If you want to sample the product please order a 6 cocktail mixed box and we will happily refund the item on your first wholesale order.

Our AWRS Registration Number - XRAW 000 00108143