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Poison Cocktails are manufactured in Great Britain by a BRC accredited factory and given love in the Great British countryside. 

We are the original ready made cocktail in a jar brand. We love cocktails and our passion is cocktails, so all our flavours are shaken and mixed using Premium Spirits.

Ready for you to drink in a Poison jar, all you need to do is fill the jar with ice to the rim, replace the lid and shake until the lid gathers condensation, normally within 10 seconds.

Our cocktail jars are filled with 180ml of cocktail leaving space to add ice to the jar rim for the perfect serve.

Our jar size H9.5 x W7 cm



Then all you need to do is take some time and enjoy your fresh tasting delicious Poison cocktail.

Poison cocktails currently come in these great flavours with regular guest cocktails appearing for the most important events throughout the year.

Woo Woo 

This is a true 80’s disco cocktail which is totally yummy! Tasting of premium Russian Vodka mixed with the sweetness of Peach Schnapps, and the tart of cranberry and citrus juices give this drink an amazing fresh taste!

June Bug  

A tropical disco cocktail that tastes of coconut Rum mixed with melon and banana liqueur and finished with pineapple & lemon. This is one of our favourite cocktails but beware it’s almost too easy to drink!


This is our office favourite! (well, this week!) It’s a delicious taste of premium spiced dark Rum blended with mellow amaretto flavour, citrus oranges, apple & lime. Altogether they create an amazing green coloured cocktail that is gorgeous and makes you just want another!

Amaretto Sours  

If you haven’t tried one of these you must because you have no idea what an amazing taste you are missing! This is such a simple cocktail which mixes sweet and sour flavours using premium italian almond flavour liqueur with sugar syrup, lemon juice and love to create this great tasting sweet and definitely moreish cocktail. We love this one and if we didn’t have to do some work we would drink them all day long!

Lazy Cosmo

As the name suggests this is the lazy way to enjoy the sex and the city famed drink so make like Carrie with this classy cocktail which is a sweet, modern twist on an original cosmopolitan! Tastes of premium Russian Vodka, Triple Sec, lime, cranberry juice and most importantly love... this is fun in a jar!

Jack Frost 

The Ice King of cocktails perfect for celebrations... Bright blue in colour and a Caribbean twist to remind you of warm summer days! With a taste of Blue Curacao, Rum, coconut and pineapple you will want more than just the one!