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Introducing Our Cocktail Kits

Introducing Our Cocktail Kits

Imagine a world where you want a cocktail at home. Just a nice, simple cocktail. The problem, however, is that you lack the kind of skills that are reminiscent of Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Or you’re travelling and you don’t have the space for the all the bottles of spirits you’ll need, let alone mixers (there’s always one who wants tequila in a cocktail and you should both fear and respect these people).


The solution to these sad, stressful problems?

Our new cocktail kits.


We’ll send you everything you need in order to make two (generous!) cocktails. The classic cocktails are all there and maybe one of your new favourites!


Presented in a super stylish natural sack cloth drawstring gift bag, with a Poison Cocktails logo and gift tag.


The Poison party has only just begun…