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Cocktail Bottles

Cocktail Lab - Cocktail Bottles

We love cocktails and have alway put our amazing tasting ready made cocktails in jars. In fact we were the first company to product pre-mixed cocktails in a jars.
And while we love our jars and think they are a nice simple way to make a quick and easy cocktail. Simply adding ice to the jar and shaking.
If you are like us and always fancy another! There just isn't enough in one jar!
So we have decided to launch a collection of cocktails in bottles.
Which are available in single bottle units or in gift boxes for someone special.
We have produced our pre-mixed cocktails under the 'Cocktail Lab' collection.
As we will be developing products to add to this range from our
very own cocktail lab.
Just give the bottle a shake and pour over ice.
We hope you like them as much as we do!